We have developed this visual representation of our school vision and values to ensure it is shared and understood by our community. Through having our school vision and values represented in a visual way, we ensure it is a living and breathing component of our school.



The NZ Curriculum introduces its vision as what we want for our young people. It is a statement of what it will look like today and in the future. It has several key points but is most often represented by: “For young people to be confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners."

At Appleby School we recognise the vision the NZ Curriculum espouses and have developed our own vision statement: 

Our students' needs, interests and aspirations are at the centre of everything we do.

Our vision is more of a description of what is always foremost in our minds as we carry out our operations. Essentially it means we are child-centred. Our policy, procedure and programmes reflect that we cater for the individual needs of students who attend our school, recognising that children have different backgrounds, starting points, interests and aspirations.