FOAS Meeting Minutes 14/08/18

FOAS Meeting Minutes 14/08/18

FOAS MEETING  - MINUTES 14/ 8/ 18 7.30pm Appleby Staffroom

Present – Janey, Tanya, Jackie, Olly, Amy, Huia, Leanne, Clare, Dorren, Anna, Linda, Kim.

Apologies  - Laura, Jane, Heidi

Review of previous minutes -  Actioned Manpower list was reviewed  by Janey, Dorren and Tanya and more gaps were filled Agenda – Fair Janey - still lacking •    Parking •    A helper for Jenny on information •    Bouncy castle – an extra person •    Pony rides •    Lucky bag – adults to help older children Otherwise fair is mostly on track this year Olly – Plants is sorted. He has contacted helpers and organised donations. Plants is on track. Mentioned a need for a request for plant donations from families to go in the newsletter. Olly said Sue and Syd Lambert will be giving their last donations to Appleby this year. They are long standing donators and have children at the school in previous years. It was suggested a gift of some sort be given to them in thanks. Olly will organise.

Jam to come from fair jam making, Linda offered to buy wine and Clare suggested some chocolate from the chocolate wheel donations. This is Olly's last year. He will be looking for someone to take over plants. Olly to action.

Amy – second hand clothes are on track. Amy normally starts  sorting two weeks before fair and has enough helpers. Huia – crazy hair stall is fine.

This is Huia’s last year and Jules will succeed her on the crazy hair stall.

Linda – hot food is still on track. There are enough helpers for the day. Still need  someone to cook a ham. Need to confirm numbers of consumables eg glad wrap/foil.

Kim – baking is on track. Needed truffle/fudge judges for the Friday before the fair  Janey and Tanya volunteered. Kim will be looking to buy biodegradable plates this year.  This is Kim's last year, she will be looking for someone to take over baking. Susie was suggested as a possibility as she has done it last year. A note to go in newsletter about the cake competion and baking on fair day. Kim commented that we had families in the past provide individually  wrapped items. These families have since left so it was suggested a note go into the newsletter with more information about baking. Clare – chocolate wheel is on track.

Donations are coming in daily. Will be looking to do a father's day prize and one for mum's too. A note to go in the newsletter regarding this. Anna/Jackie - Still looking for fairground prizes. Clare said she will pass on smaller donations for fairground prizes. Still need people for fairground. Liz Harvey was contacted and is happy to bring in lambs for the farmyard and is also gappy to help with pony rides on the day.   We need to check fairground map and make sure no noisy  stalls like crockery breaking is near the farmyard animals.

Entertainment  - Amy said Marcus and his band were happy to play for the duration of the fair now. Anna said she was having trouble filling spaces, she was waiting to hear back from a hip hop group. Nic was looking to add another talent in. It was suggested that the entire school participate in the finale song from production. Everyone present agreed that this was a great idea. Anna to check with Nic. Tanya - Lucky bags  - on track. Receiving lots in the office. Need some adults to help kids on the day.   Leanne – Hannah has agreed to take over finance as it's Leanne’s final year. It was noted that tge floats last year weren't quite right. Denominations need to be changed slightly as lots of people at tge beginning of the fair bring large notes. Leanne to action. Next fair meeting to be held Tuesday 21st of August in the Staffroom At 2.30 Meeting closed at 8.25pm

Fair Update 16 August

Fair Update 16 August

FOAS Fair News Appleby School Fair- Saturday 1st September

Our fair is only 2 weeks away!! Could we please ask for any WOW raffle tickets sold (stubs and money) to be returned to the office no later than Wednesday 22nd of August.

Smashing Crockery Stall – If you have any chipped or damaged crockery at home we can use these on fair day for the popular smashing crockery stall. Please drop off at the container.

Chocolate Wheel- We are still accepting chocolate donations. We also have specific prizes for mum, dad (Father's Day is the next day) grandparents and the kids! So any stationary, small kitchen items, things for the BBQ or any small gifts for kids would be fantastic!

Farmyard - We need a range of animals for our Country Attraction! Small animals such as lambs, chickens, guinea pigs, bunnies etc. Larger animals such as goats, alpaca, piglets etc. Please call Cath on 027 6145094 or email  if you have something that might be appropriate. No domestic pets or calves please.

Plants- If any families have any plant donations we are accepting these from now till fair time. Things like seedlings you may have potted or strawberries you may have separated or any shrubs/fruit trees are welcome. These can be left on the ramp by the office.

Remember the Cafe Cake Competition. Entries need to be in by 9am on the Friday the 31st before the fair. One slice from each cake is tasted and judged. All remaining cake is cut up and sold at the cafe on fair day. For the kids, Fantastic Fudge (Year 0-3) and Terrific Truffles (Year 4-6) are also required by 9am the day before the fair.

The Grandparent’s bake off entries need to be in by midday on Friday the 31st  Please remember that truffles and fudge is a competition for the children so requires limited assistance from parents/caregivers.

Baking- Fair Day - In the past we have had families who bake many different things for our baking stall from cakes to loaves, slices and biscuits to individually wrapped gingerbread men or lolly cake. Each family is only required to bake one item but of course we will happily receive as many as you would like to bake. Our big sellers are: chocolate cake, carrot cake and loaves We would ask that you clearly label what you have baked and please don't bring any good plates from home as these may get damaged or not be returned.  If you are baking for specific dietary requirements (eg gluten free) then a small label with ingredients is appreciated for customers to read.

Plastic bags – we are still looking for any USED plastic bags. If you have any at home please feel free to drop these at the office or in the container.

Please note the container is open from 2.30pm school days. Please check the list outside the library to see where you are on fair day.

BBQ – At the end of our busy fair we celebrate together with a BBQ provided by Appleby School. This is an opportunity for everyone who contributed to celebrate our success on a job well done and to catch up with friends and family. For those of you who are new to our school, it's a great way to meet new families in the Appleby community!

Our next fair meeting is Tuesday 21st at 2.30pm in the Staffroom. All welcome

Rainbow Raffle

Rainbow Raffle

Each class is creating a different colour gift basket as a raffle for the fair.

Any item that takes your fancy as long as it is the colour of your child's classroom name.

Everyone is asked to contribute an item. We would appreciate these items being at school, to your child's class, by Friday 24th August.

Maungatapu- Green

Moturoa- Black and White

Whakatu- Orange

Kahurangi- Blue

Moutere- Yellow

Waimeha- Red

Fair Update 02.08.18

Fair Update 02.08.18

Our fair is fast approaching so we are down to the final weeks of preparation. The fair is a great success because of the wonderful donations from family, friends and businesses who support Appleby School.

Firstly, could we please ask for chocolate donations for the chocolate wheel.

Also any other generic donations like small kitchen goods (eg tea towels) or small gifts for kids are also welcome. There is a box in the office for these donations.

Secondly, we are looking for donations for fairground prizes. These could simply be low value, branded items like hats, drink bottles, bags etc. If you own a business or know someone who does, we would greatly appreciate any contributions.

Thirdly we are looking for volunteers on fair day. If you are happy to deal with the public and handle money then we would love to hear from you!! There is a list up outside the library. To find out what spots we still need help with look for the yellow highlighted sections. (trash and treasure is definitely looking for helpers!) Please contact Dorren (021 137 6453) if you are keen to help out on the day.

Don't forget to start thinking about your cafe cake/fudge/truffle recipes for our competition. Entries will be judged the day before the fair. Please have them at school by Friday 9am.

We are still taking donations for second hand goods. So now is the time for a spring clean! The container is open from 2.30 pm every day. If you are unable to open it, find Graham.

Lucky bags and fair posters will be sent home tomorrow. Please fill the bags and return to the office unsealed. We will have some samples of the lucky bags in the office for you to view if you need some inspiration! Please remember to keep lollies and sweets to a minimum. Please put the poster in your cars rear side window to spread the word that our fair is just around the corner.

If you have a management position at the fair PLEASE could you get the names of any businesses that are sponsoring/donating items in your area to Laura (silent auction) & Sarah (rural flyer) asap. 

Their email addresses are:

FOAS Update 15.06.18

FOAS Update 15.06.18

FOAS- Fair News

If anyone has early donations these are able to go in the container. (open 2.30-3.30). See Graham for assistance.

There are still berries and jam available at the office for all of you keen jam makers!! If anyone has spare jars for jam making these would be greatly appreciated!

Our lucky bags are a great success every fair. These bags are sold for around $1 on fair day and the children love them so they are often a sellout item. Over the coming months each child will be sent home with 5 bags. We would ask that you please fill these bags with goodies and return them unsealed to the office at any time. In the past they have contained stationery items, hair ties, bouncy balls, old McDonald's toys etc we do kindly ask that you limit any sweets or lollies in these bags. Be as creative as you like! And of course if you would like to fill more bags you are most welcome to collect extra empty bags.

Our Fair Facebook page is up and running!!! Please have a look and share and like our page to let all your friends and family know about our fantastic fair. Our FB page is also a great way to keep in touch and track our fair progress!!!!