Congratulations to Olivia, Fern, James, Xanthe, Eise, Mia and Lana who were the finalists in our Appleby Speech Competition, held in the school hall on Monday. It was clear that the speakers had put in a lot of thought and effort preparing for their talks & all made powerful speeches.

Fern and Olivia won through to represent us at the Waimea Primary School’s event at Waimea College last night.

Appleby has an outstanding record at this competition over the years and, once again this year, Olivia and Fern did an incredible job!

The judges commented on how impressed they were with the tremendously high standard of speeches, and awarded Fern third place, with her impassioned topic of 'Syrian Strife' and Olivia runner up, with her super-creative topic- 'Elizabeth- her secret adventures".