• Liliana- Working hard and being respectful.         
  • Jennifer- Working hard to produce high quality work


  • Ava- Organising herself quickly to be ready for learning.         
  • Manaia- Being a kind and friendly student with lots of respect.


  • Connor- Making great progress in reading, working at school and at home.         
  • Amy- Working hard. Getting her work finished quickly and neatly.


  • Ella- An impressive holiday recount and thinking critically about how to edit it!         
  • Ashleigh- Working hard on her learning goals, being thoughtful and helpful.


  • Yannick- Showing great leadership by helping others with technology.         
  • Seth- Showing a renewed commitment into planning, adding detail to writing!


  • Mackenzie- Responding to feedback to improve her work.         
  • Josh- Being organized in his learning and respecting himself and other!