Taane Awards-  Term 1

 Georgie is a very conscientious person who strives to do the right thing and to be the very best she can be. She is well organised and helps others to achieve because she is able to listen, cooperate and share her ideas. Georgie is friendly, enthusiastic, resilient and respectful. She makes a huge contribution to our class.

Marley is a very organised student who is always prepared for classroom activities. She shows respect by being a kind and supportive friend and resilience by keeping calm and persisting to learn new things. Her classmates value her easy-going, friendly manner and consider her a great role model for positive behaviour.

Mahe gets involved in all activities and encourages others to participate. He has taken on roles in the class and guides others to help them to do the right thing, in a friendly, helpful manner. He leads within a group by making sure each team member is able to contribute in their own way. He is always positive and reliable and goes beyond what is expected, organising himself with the equipment and knowledge to complete tasks.

Bruno is an outstanding leader and role model. He displays empathy by listening to and helping others. He cares for our school community and willingly volunteers to take on jobs to help make our school a better place. Bruno is always highly involved in all class activities and works to high personal standards. Bruno leads by setting an example for others to aspire to.

Fynn is an incredibly positive role model and leader in our school community. He willingly takes on roles and works hard to achieve goals as an individual and in leading groups he is involved with. His kind, caring and empathetic nature mean that he is understanding of others and uses his problem-solving abilities to ensure successful outcomes for everyone. As a leader of learning he clearly and confidently shares his ideas, thoughts and feelings with those around him and make him a really valued leader at Appleby School.


And our Overall Winner- Kurtis Milne

Kurtis gets involved and encourages others to join in. He is honest and makes great decisions. During collaborative work he takes a leadership role listening to others and giving each group member an opportunity to participate. Kurtis has been an awesome upstander, always noticing if someone needs help and supporting them. He is a positive role model in the classroom and around the school. He is reliable, respectful and has a 'can do' attitude towards challenges.