GROWTH Awards 05.04.18


  • Ollie- Enthusiastically joins in and gives his best at everything.         
  • Daniel- Gets involved by sharing his ideas and interesting knowledge.


  • Em-J- For being a hard-working, respectful Moutere student!         
  • Elliot- For being a hard-working, respectful Moutere student!


  • Mahe - For showing growth values all the time. Helping others, being kind and thinking!        Charlie - Thinking of others and helping them both in the class and in the playground.


  • Kaylen-Having resilience when faced with challenging math problems.         
  • Chloe- Getting involved by sharing your thoughtful ideas during group reading.


  • Fern - Aiming for excellence in everything that she does!         
  • Ryder - Working hard to develop independent learning skills!


  • Antonio - Successfully taking on a leadership role at the NZ citizen ceremony!         
  • Kate - Confidently and clearly contributing on the groups behalf at the citizen ceremony!