On Wednesday, the senior students of Appleby School went to the Nelson/Tasman Citizenship Ceremony

at the Headingley Center.  There were 11 different nationalities represented among the 57 people who were celebrating becoming NZ citizens. Some were there as families, some as couples, and some as individuals.

It was amazing seeing all the different people!

The new citizens were called up to a stage by the Mayor of Tasman, Richard Kempthorne, where they had to pledge an allegiance about obeying the law and being faithful to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the 2nd. After the pledges were finished the seniors sang ‘Kia Kaha Tuatara’, ‘Appleby E’ and New Zealand’s National Anthem.

Afterward everyone had a photo with the Mayor and enjoyed a morning tea of tasty snacks.  

Overall it was an exciting and spectacular day!                                                                      

Grace and Eli, Moturoa class