We had an excellent time at our Mental Health Hui yesterday and the senior students did a fantastic job leading the sessions and involving everyone in a positive way!

This terms topic was another great opportunity to showcase student led learning here at Appleby School. Throughout the inquiry the focus on increasing the positivity of thoughts, feelings and emotions was explored.  Understandings were developed, workshops planned and yesterday sessions encapsulated what we had learned. For those who were able to attend, you would have noticed what a powerful learning experience it is to teach others. When asked this morning, "What was it like teaching others?" the senior student's almost all said, "Hard, but rewarding!"

Thanks to those parents/whanau who made time to come along, the staff and to Mike Roberts, Oli Dean, Suzie Dean, Janey Clark, Tanya Snowden, Dylan Southward and Briony Klink for supporting the workshops.