GROWTH Awards 19.03.18


  • Mia C -for getting involved and being a good friend         
  • Eleanor- for getting involved by listening politely and sharing her ideas


  • Regan-  for confidently getting involved in all learning activites.         
  • Leah- for showing respect by having lovely manners and being a kind friend.


  • Charlie - for stepping up and competing in the swimming sports.         
  • Lillian - for stepping up and competing in the swimming sports


  • Dana- showing empathy and kindness towards others.         
  • Ashton- thinking critically about your writing and editing it to make it even better.


  • Harry- for being self motivated in home learning and coaching Rippa Rugby.         
  • Eli- for being determined by working independently to complete maths levels. 


  • Brayden - showing respect by valuing his own and others ideas class.        
  • Mackenzie - showing empathy and sharing your own ideas clearly!