Thank you so much for all of the support and help with the Waimea Cluster Swimming Sports yesterday The swimmers were amazing and I am sure that plenty of personal bests were achieved. However, the greatest accolades were the comments from people from other schools congratulating the Appleby students for the enthusiastic support that they showed for all swimmers, right throughout the event. Everyone should be very proud of their effort, and I would like to mention these swimmers who produced exceptional results:

Charlie- 2nd Boys Yr4 Freestyle    Fynn- 1st Boys Yr 6 Freestyle        Mia- 3rd Open 50m Freestyle Brodie 3rd Boys Yr 5 Backstroke    Paige - 3rd Girls Yr 5  Backstroke    Fynn- 2nd Boys Yr 6 Backstroke Kaylen 1st Boys Yr 4 Breaststroke     Sophie-  2nd Girls Yr 6 Breaststroke               Fynn- 3rd Boys Open Medley

Yr 6 Mixed Relay-  3rd