Things gets busy at 8:45am and at 3pm, and particularly busy at school events and Friday assemblies in our school car park. We encourage you to park sensibly, drive slowly and consider these few strategies so people stay safe! Please share these safety messages with grandparents and other family members who visit school. Please do not park on the grass verge in front of the school on either side of the road. It limits visibility for people leaving the car-park. Having children cross the road to meet you is particularly dangerous. Use the area in front of the library/pakohe on the left side as a pick up - drop off area. Use the other car-parks, and under the trees on the left side towards the exit as longer term parking if you are watching your kids play, or need to talk to someone. Park on the grass area carefully. Think about how you and others are going to get out. Drivers moving in this area need to be super careful as children see the grass area as safe! Insist that your children use the pathways and the pedestrian crossing when moving to and from the car-parks. Take particular care when driving near the pedestrian crossing! Do not park over the crossing. The pedestrians have right of way. It is ok to pick your children up a bit later, at 3:15-3:25pm as it helps us spread out the traffic movements.