A quick word about attendance and how our school systems work. We encourage parents/caregivers to establish good systems in the mornings that ensure the children are here at least 10 min before the start of the school day at 9am. Getting children to school every day, on time, well fed, well rested and ready to learn gives your child the best chance of success at school! If your child is too ill to come to school, please ring or email us to let us know! If we have not heard about someone who is absent we will ring before 9:30am to clarify the situation. If you are not sure if your child is really sick, send them to school. We will look after them and contact you if there are problems. Sometimes there is another reason why a child does not want to go to school on a given day. There may be something unsettling them at school or at home that we need to get to the bottom of and work through together. We monitor the attendance of all of our students and our attendance rates are usually around 94% across the school, over the course of a year.  If your child does not have a 90% or higher, on time, attendance rate at school you might need to sit down and work through the complications! It may be that we here at school can help in some way to achieve this.