Thank you to the huge crowd who turned out for our school Tryathlon last Friday. The children were fantastic and put in 100%  effort into their team or individual event. Thanks to Mike for organising the event and good luck to all of our Appleby students who are doing it all again at the Weetbix Tryathlon on Sunday.


  • Year 1 Teams:    1. Gabi, Liliana, Georgie    2. Georgie, Eleanor, Madison    3. Connor, Mia C, Jennifer Year 2 Teams:    1. Hannah, Lyla, Leah    2. Arwen, Manaia, Isabella    3. Ava, Regan, Marley
  • Year 3 Teams:    1. Tom, Josef, James M    2. Sebi, Dana, Archie J    3. Ollie, Kane, Lucas
  • Year 3 Individ:    1. Kyle and Lily        2. James R and Ella        3. Tevita and Chloe
  • Year 4 Individ:    1. Amy and Mahe        2. Erinn and Carlos        3. McKenzie B  and Kurtis
  • Year 5 Individ;    1. Louella and Brodie    2. Evie and Harry        3. Samara and Luka
  • Year 6 Individ:    1. Hayley and Bruno        2. Lana and Eise        3. Mia and Fynn