GROWTH Awards 04.09.17


  • Marley- A hard worker who is well organized!
  • Georgie- Enthusiastic about learning and for managing herself well.


  • Kieran- Very positive, fun attitude to all his learning.
  • Archie- Showing respect to his friends, a happy, positive class member!


  • Jessie - Showing respect, working hard, listening well and helping others.                   
  • Erinn- Showing enthusiasm, working hard to follow instructions at tennis.


  • Mackenzie- A fantastic student who always works hard.
  • Oliver- Working hard and making the right choices.


  • Eise- Outstanding use of strategies when problem solving.
  • Cameron- Improving ability to problem solve and self-manage!


  • Carl- Getting involved and striving for success.
  • Xanthe- Working hard and striving for success.