Thank you all so much for your wonderful and generous baking you donated to the baking stall this year.

We are so lucky to have such an amazing stall which people flock to, to snap up some of your tasty home baking.
A special thanks to our competition judges this year. Nic Walker, Chris Jack, Martina Kidd, Hugo Busby and Jackie Clarke.  This was a very tough job for them with very high quality entries and quite a lot of sugar!
The winners for 2017 are:

Grandparents Bake-Off:               1st-Marie Wagner, 2nd-Dianne Holmwood, 3rd-Bliss Roberts
Cafe Cake Competition:                1st-Caitlin Bradley, 2nd-Francine Thompson, 3rd-Amelia Clark
Kids Baking- Juniors-    1st-Mahe Reilly, 2nd-William Jaworski, 3rd-Elise Dallimore
Kids Baking- Seniors-    1st-Paige Clarke, 2nd-Kieran Broderick, 3rd-Louella Thompson

If you have yet to pick up your container/plate we have moved them to the staff room, please pick it up as soon as possible.  Thanks, the Baking Team.