Assembly Awards 15.09.17


  • William- Enthusiastic about writing and independent.
  • Isabella- Independent writer who is accurate with spelling and punctuation.


  • Tom- Fantastic, quality work and drawings.
  • Lucas- Being such a keen story writer.


  • Antonio - For showing excellent sportsmanship at No Child Left Inside.
  • Brodie - Great instructional writing, telling us how to make a pizza.


  • Elise- A thoughtful, hard-working and always looking on the bright side.                    
  • Mackenzie- Respectful, a great sense of humour, a good friend to everyone.


  • Tabitha Kidd- For being a creative and reflective learner.
  • Josh Wynne - For an amazing work ethic and thirst for learning.


  • Lana - Helping to lead collaborative learning in maths and topic.
  • Grace BD - Adding 10% to develop the groups ideas!