• William- A helpful friend and someone who tries hard to produce his best.         
  • Hannah- Such a positive, helpful, friendly and focussed student


  • Kane- Fantastic work on multiplication.         
  • Ashleigh – An enthusiastic reader, especially when working on plays.


  • James - Careful attention to detail in Matariki batik art.         
  • Antonio - Great use of colour, careful attention to detail in Matariki batik.  


  • Mahe- Consistent hard work and positive attitude in all learning areas.         
  • Mack- You are an inspiration. Great ideas and making them come to life!  


  • Abbie- Positive and Inspirational leadership.         
  • Kieran- Making the most of all learning opportunities.  


  • Anna - Hard work and questioning has led to great learning gains in reading.         
  • James - Always striving for your best in all your endeavors.