It is not long now before we will all be caught up in our Appleby School Fair (Saturday 2nd September). Even visitors and new families to the school, (some from far-flung parts), seem to have heard about our fair! The school community and the wider Appleby businesses and community pull together to put on a brilliant day  out for thousands of people from all over the Nelson and Tasman districs.

The fair has been a great financial success in recent years, but it is important that we do not loose sight of the fact that the real gold is the excitement, hard yakka, fun, sense of purpose, wonder and awe that we all feel when we connect and take an active role in successfully delivering an event such as this. We are very fortunate to have so many highly capable and helpful adults and students who chip in to make the fair happen.

For those who are new (and to those who have tried to forget), preparations for the fair evolve in distinct stages:

Stage One- Many months in advance of the fair- the fantastic FOAS put together a stearing committee. This group sort slow-burner things like leadership roles, planning for fairground stalls, equipment needs, preserves, council consents and get entertainment, silent auction, staffing, logistics etc underway.

Stage Two- Five weeks in advance of fair- Things become more tangible. Pressure exists. The stearing committee need help  to build on the  work they have done and to put people in place to support the leaders of the various areas so they are good to go on the big day. We are at this stage NOW, please contact Dorren 021 376453 to enlist.

Stage Three- Two weeks in advance of fair- The school is increasingly in a state of organised chaos. The place has been taken over with stuff for the fair and all families are getting on with chocolate raffles, lucky bags, baking. Everyone knows where they will be working on the day.

Stage Four- Day before fair- many hands on deck setting up anything that will withstand overnight mischief.

Fair Day- The sun is shining as we do the last minute preparations. An erie calm exists. By 11am – Full Noise!