Cheering loudly                                                                             Challenge your-self

Run as fast as you can                                                                  Optimistic to get a place

Out of breath                                                                                 Up and down steep hills

Sprinting to win                                                                             Never give in

Sound of cheering from friends and family                                    Try your hardest

                                                                                                      Racing hard

                                                                                                     Yes, I am done for another year!

By Evie Mollett-Whakatu

Cheering from the red line

Racing so fast

Out behind me someone was spying

Scared for my life

Stay strong

Cheering in my ears

Organise my strength

Up a sandy hill

Nervous for my life

There was a tight race

Running really fast

Yoghurt powering me up

Seth Stanton- Kahurangi


At Rabbit Island Appleby School did their cross country. First I was nervous. Next I lined up at the start line and Mr Walker said, “Take your marks, get set, go!”

I ran and ran and ran.

I ran up hills. I ran through trees!

Later I crossed the finish line. I felt proud of myself because I came third.

I was tired!        Blaire Brown, Moutere