GROWTH Awards 12.06.17


  • Leah-  Being able to manage her own belongings!         
  • Hannah- Always in the right place at the right time!


  • Kyle-  Showing respect in class by using great manners!         
  • Blaire Showing respect in class by using great manners!


  • Alaula - Working hard on her research about the human body.         
  • Awatea - Working hard during reading to clarify understanding!  


  • Charlie-Being organised and aware of where he is going in his learning!         
  • Isaac- Working hard and having resilience in building his portfolio!  


  • Kieran- Thinking about his studies long after class has ended!         
  • Delta- Great resilience in cross country running!


  • Josh - Working hard to develop creativity in literacy and art!         
  • Stefan - Working hard to be creative and accurate in art!