From The Classroom


In Whakatu class they have been writing stories that have characters who have to deal with a bullying situation.


Fly Away

One bright evening in a deep forest with one little opening of light, sat Hazel. All alone in the opening of sun sat Hazel playing her oak flute on one little chunk of wood, from a pine tree. Hazel had bright golden hair with blue eyes with one little twinkle in her eye. She loved playing her oak flute, it cheered her up.

Suddenly, out of sight Hazel saw three black, mean crows. One after another they each had a go swooping down to get Hazel.

The leader crow shouted “get her!”

One after another the crows swooped down in the same order and landed in front of Hazel. The leader went near Hazel and pushed her off her chunk of wood.

Hazel sprinted back to her house that was made out of an oak tree. It was hollow. She built a wing because she only had one wing. She also built a catapult to help her fly away from the cruel crows. So that night Hazel flew free through the gloomy night sky. But slowly Hazel started to drift down.

The crows spotted Hazel drifting down. When she got down to the ground she was having a cat nap, actually she was faking!

In that time Hazel spotted her sister, who never came to see her. Her sister was distracting the cruel crows. Hazel couldn’t believe her heart.

Her sister, Chloe was helping her. Chloe gave the crows some compliments until they were dizzy and fell on the ground. Next her sister came and helped Hazel up. They ran away and linked hands and ran as long as their legs would carry them. Straight away and whoosh they were off.

In the morning sunrise they were happy, really happy.

When they landed Chloe and Hazel were completely exhausted. They were in England, they had flown to the other side of the world. They never saw those cruel three black crows again.

Written by Mackenzie Mayo      Whakatu