ASSEMBLY AWARDS 10.03.17 and 17.03.17



Jackson- Asking great questions and sharing his knowledge.

Isabella- Working hard to become a great writer.

Jade- working hard to become a great reader.


Tom- Fantastic reading, shows great understanding of stories.

Lewie- great improvement in reading and writing

Archie J- fantastic learning about tens and ones in mathematics.

Connor- Staying focused at writing time, producing long stories.


Erinn- Excellent recount! Great use of paragraphs throughout.

Sam J- Working hard at learning his spelling. 100% this week!

Jessie- Focused on work in topic, excellent research.

Seth- Focused on work in topic, excellent research.


Harry- A great role model who works hard and is well organized.

Charlie- Determination and excellence in the Appleby triathlon.

Carlos- Impressive writing, full of great word choices and detail.

Kieran- Editing your writing with impressive word choices and descriptions


Tyler- Awesome effort and perseverance at swimming time.

Kate- Always having a positive attitude towards learning.

Olivia- Excellent writing using interesting sentences and personal voice.

Delta- Being enthusiastic towards her learning and trying her best.


Anna- Pushing her creative thinking to create an exceptional art work.

Carl- Co-operating and competing in mathematics to push his learning.

Jenele- Settling quickly and working hard towards learning goals.

 Ryder- Making great choices about groupings and environments.