Bookings are now open for our Student Led Conferences/Interviews to be held on Tuesday 14th March- 1:30pm to 5:30pm and Wednesday 15th March- 3:15pm to 7:30pm.  Please note that school ends at 12:30 on Tuesday 14th March.  The bus will leave shortly after 12:30. Children will not need lunch at school. Supervision will be provided for any children who need to stay at school until 3pm. Please inform us if this is the case.  Staff will try to accommodate a date and time outside those listed above if necessary.  Parents with several children at school will be able to book consecutive times. We use an online booking service.

1. Open website:

2. Enter school code: v2qrt

3. Follow the prompts to set up interviews. If you do not have email or internet, book with Pam in the school office (5442898).