You may have heard your children talking about GROWTH! 
We use this acronym to encapsulate our key values and competencies: 
Getting involved, Respect ourselves and others, Organise ourselves, Work hard, Think and Have resilience.
At this  stage of the year we explore these values at each class level and  develop a shared understanding of what they mean to us and think about how we, as individuals can bring them to life. 
We have been having a close look at Getting Involved as this is often a starting point to learning. Students who participate and contribute in communities have a sense of belonging and develop the confidence to participate within new contexts.
Below you can see some of the children who have been recognised by their teacher or by their peers as showing GROWTH around the school. We have GROWTH assemblies every two weeks or so and the different classes share how they have been learning about and developing their capabilities.




Jackson-      Getting involved and sharing well with others.
Noah-       Sharing his skills and knowledge with the class.


Lily-      A kind friend who supports others.                                                                                

James R-  Showing respect, using manners and being a good friend.


Samara-      Getting involved by helping others.
Kurtis-       Getting involved and giving everything a go.


Jacob-   Respecting others and finding lots of ways to get them a boost.
Evie-      Making thoughtful contributions during Life Education.


Willow-      Getting involved in all areas of her learning.
Kieran-      Getting involved with various groups of people in our class.


Stefan-      Confidently taking on roles and responsibilities.
Summer-  Quickly getting involved & being collaborative.