Congratulations to all the children who have taken part in the zone athletics events and senior school swimming sports over the past week.  We have been mightily impressed with your energy and enthusiasm whilst competing and the outstanding behavior and support of each other you have shown.

Senior Swimming Sports

25m Freestyle

  • Year 5: Girls- Hayley, Mia, Sophia                   Boys- James, Fynn, Bruno/Eise
  • Year 6: Girls- Grace C, Abbi, Anna                 Boys-Carl, Caleb, Thomas

25m Backstroke

  • Year 5: Girls- Mia, Hayley, Sophie                   Boys- James, Bruno, Fynn
  • Year 6: Girls- Abbi, Amelia, Ilza                      Boys- Caleb, Thomas, Carl

25m Breaststroke

  • Year 5: Girls- Fern, Sophie, Hayley                   Boys- Fynn, James, Bruno
  • Year 6: Girls- Anna, Abbi, Lilly Holm                Boys- Carl, Thomas, Caleb


• Instructors, PTA, Students

Waimea Zone Athletics- Year 5/6 Saxton Fields, Year 3/4 RANZAU School


Year 3: McKenzie B (2nd), Charlie (1st)              Year 4: Samara (1st), Mackenzie M (3rd)  

Year 5: Fynn (2nd)                                              Year 6: Amelia (1st)


Year 3: McKenzie B (2nd), Charlie (1st)               Year 4: Samara (1st), Luka (3rd)

Year 5: Fynn (2nd), James (3rd)                          Year 6: Amelia (3rd)

Long Jump

Year 3: McKenzie B (3rd), Charlie (2nd), Archie B (3rd)   Year 4: Samara (ist) Erinn (2nd)

Year 6: Amelia (1st), Erica (3rd)

High Jump

Year 3: Riley (3rd), Charlie (1st)                           Year 4: Samara (2nd), Kieran B (1st)

Year 5: Lana (3rd)                                                 Year 6: Amelia, Erica (3rd=)


Year 3: Emily (3rd), Awatea (2nd), James F (3rd)

Year 5: James (3rd) Hayley (3rd)  


Year 5: Fynn (3rd)                                                   Year 6: Amelia                                      


Year 3/4 Girls (1st)                                                  Year 3/4 Boys (1st) Year 5 Girls (3rd)                     Year 5 Boys (3rd)                                                    Year 6 Girls (3rd)                                                     Year 6 Boys (5th)