Next week we will open our Art at Appleby exhibition.
The exhibition is the culmination of a rich and inspiring term of study by our Appleby students! All of our classes have been learning about the history of art,  from prehistoric times through to today. There has been a lot of discussion as they interpret the art and consider the creativity of the artist and the techniques they must have mastered to produce them. They have looked closely at the works of some influential artists and created art works of their own that depict certain    styles or themes. 
The exhibition will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:30am to 4pm.
Parents, whanau and other family members are all invited to visit.
If you visit during class time pick up your child from class so they can tell you about their art works and about some of the other pieces they know about!
There will be a gold coin entry charge at the door to help us offset display costs. 
At the end of next week, art works will go home with the students.
A pamphlet explaining more about the exhibition is attached with this newsletter.