Over this term, 23 students have been getting together every few days to learn about leadership, what it means and Sir Peter Blake and his legacy of being a world leader.
Every time we get together, Mr Walker gives us homework about our goals as leaders. We had to write about our world changing goals, our goals for New Zealand, our goals for leadership at Appleby and how we will achieve them.
On Wednesday the 6th of July, a man named Blake Hornblow, (an ex Appleby student), came to talk to our identified leaders about his long journey to Antarctica, sponsored by a Sir Peter Blake Trust Scholarship and how he showed leadership. He also talked to us about how to be a leader and his passion for marine biology.
Leadership is important to us because we are a small school and there is a lot of leadership opportunities to take. Blake told us to keep following our dreams and doing what we love. Blake was a great inspiration for all of us and we are very thankful that he came to talk to us.
Ava, Adele and Caitlin