Leadership- A Life Like Lightning:  By Harry Browne.

I don't think Peter Blake should be thought of as just a leader for his achievements, it's the type of person he was that makes his achievements special.

Sir Peter Blake is an inspirational leader because he put New Zealand yachting on the map and made New Zealand famous for yachting.

He won the America's Cup twice in a row and won the Whitbread Round the World yacht race five times. Also, at the Whitbread Round the World yacht race, he set the fastest time which was 74 days 22 hours 17 minutes & 22 seconds.

It's not just that he won those yacht races but it's his qualities as a leader and New Zealander. He started off as a normal kiwi kid who loved the ocean. He started yachting as a young boy and worked his way to achieving his goals. He's an inspirational man because he came from the same world that I do, seeing his achievements I feel that I could do the same as him and be a leader as well as him.

Peter Blake made a legendary team, then got New Zealanders to fund and support his boat and everyone believed in him.  The whole country wore red socks to support his boat, Black Magic.  There were advertisements to support Black Magic to do well in the America's Cup.

After he finished yachting he went to work with Cousteau Environment because he saw the pollution in the ocean from his involvement in the Whitbread round the world race.  He wanted to help and save the oceans. I think he was a growth master because he dedicated his time to saving the world's oceans and making legendary teams.

 In order to have a legendary team there has to be a great, dedicated leader like Peter Blake he showed people what to do and how to achieve goals.