Yesterday we had a pirate adventure.
We all dressed up and had pirate names.
We went on the Mapua Ferry across to Rabbit Island. On the ferry we saw Captain Blunderbuss on the beach. 
We were so surprised to see him there.
He had a skull and cross bones flag and a ships wheel on the beach with him.
He told us we had to do some tasks and follow some clues to find the treasure. 
First we found a big blue box that had biscuits and grog in it.
 We did barrel racing, tug of war and threw cannon balls are far as we could.
Finally we found the spot where the treasure was buried. It was not gold, it was crunchie chocolate.
Captain Blunderbuss came back on the ferry with us. Then we had lunch at the playground. We thought it was great fun.
Charlie (Squidlips Headbird), Kurtis (Scallywag Holystone) and Carlos (Squidlips Seariver)