From the Classroom- Dress Up Day
Today I am dressed as Snow White. Ashleigh is dressed as Cinderella and Lyla came as Elsa.
We played queen and princess and Ella played too. Ella was the royal cat because she came dressed as Slinky Malinky. Not everyone dressed up because some forgot, but most did. 
Before morning tea we had a parade. Mr Avery was dressed as Clifford. We gave him a high five. 
It was funny! He looked very red! I kept laughing.                            Lily Riddoch

On dress up day I dressed up as Max from, Where the Wild Things Are. My favourite costume was the big red dog! His actual name was Clifford. 
We did a literacy quiz and I got one of the seniors questions right. The question was who wrote Charlotte’s Web? I got it right because I have read the book. At the end Westdale and Hammond won the Literacy Quiz. After the lit quiz we had buddy reading. My buddy was Connor Norton!
Jenny was dressed as Wally from Where’s Wally! We helped Jenny make her pom-pom to put on the top of her hat.                                                                                  Mahe Reilly