Nelson Schools Cross Country League 2018:

  • Saturday 5th May - Rabbit Island (western end), 3 pm first race starts
  • Saturday 12th May - Branford Park, 3 pm
  • Saturday 19th May - Rabbit Island (western end), 3 pm
  • Saturday 26 May - Tahunanui Beach (next to Roller Skating rink), 3 pm



  • Primary Years 1-3 (+ pre-schoolers): Boys race and girls race - 1 km 
  • Primary Years 4-6: Boys race and girls race - 2 km
  • Intermediate: Boys race and girls race - 2.5 km
  • College: Boys race and girls race - 3 km

There is no lower age limit as long as children are able to complete the race. Schools may send any number of runners they wish. Children do not need to be affiliated to a school and do not need to attend all races.

New scoring system

Children will be awarded points for their place in their age division (pre school, yr 1, yr 2 etc). The first runner in each age division will get 1 point, the second 2 points and so on. Boys and girls have separate point systems. The top five scores across all age divisions count for the school total and so the winning school has the least number of points. 

For example, Pink School's fastest runners are Sophie, 1st in yr 1 girls (so 1 point); Tom 1st in yr 3 boys (1 point); Henry 2nd in yr 3 boys (2 points), Meg 4th in yr 5 girls (4 points) and Jim 8th in yr 6 boys (8 points). Pink School's total is 1, 1, 2, 4 + 8 = 16 points. Green School only got 8 points (1, 1, 1, 2, 3) so they win.

Trophies will still be awarded to the top school in each grade at the end of the four races.


Pre-registration is preferred due to the sheer number of children but children can sign-in on the day from 2 pm.

Pre-registration is via
Details needed are: name
school (or home school)
school year (NOT age)
A race number will be sent by return email. The number must be written on the back of the left hand with marker pen so it is visible to recorders at the end of the race. Registration only needs to occur once as each runner uses their unique number for the whole series. Pre-registered runners do not need to sign in on the day.

Runners participate at their own risk.

Voluntary donation of $1 entry fee per family per race (to assist the inter-regional cross country team with running expenses). To be paid on the day. 

Further information, race results and any cancellations (unlikely except in the event of extreme and/or dangerous conditions) can be found on our facebook site Race results will also be sent out to the schools each week.