Today’s schools involve the Trustees, Principal, teachers, staff and community working closely and cooperatively together to improve learning opportunities for all children.  The BoT provides governance of the school and members also work in the following sub committees: Personnel, Finance, Community Partnership, Property, and Health & Safety.

Parents and staff are welcome to attend any BoT meeting, held twice a term in the school staffroom.  Information related to Board activities and notice of meeting dates is included in the school newsletter. 

Board members are elected by parents for a three year term.

Our current Board members are:

Chairperson:                       Gary Reilly                  027 607 5249

Members:                            Louise Busby              021 441 049

                                             Antony Cliffe              027 538 5868

                                             Rachel Knowles         021 343 690

                                             Meg Matthews           021 747 417

Staff Representative:            Nic Walker                 027 833 6877

Principal:                             Graham Avery           027 632 7075