20 August 2018

Dear Appleby School Whanau

It is with some sadness that we inform you Graham Avery will be leaving Appleby School to take up a position with the Education Review Office and will depart at the end of Term 3. 

As Principal, Graham has led Appleby School for 10 years and it is hard to contemplate Appleby School without him. He has enabled a learning environment in which our children have adopted the GROWTH values and found their own strengths, to achieve their best and to further their enjoyment of learning. Graham has guided Appleby School to continuously deliver impressive results not only academically but in sport, culture and leadership. 

But with change comes opportunity. 

The Board will commence a recruitment process, and is committed to finding an exceptional new Principal for the start of the 2019 school year. A new Principal will take over the school in a very strong position. The Board of Trustees and teaching staff are focused on ensuring that academic excellence and our nurturing learning environment remain at the heart of the school’s philosophy.  

The Board will ensure a rigorous selection process to secure a talented leader who can build on the schools strong foundations and guide us through the next stage of our development. Our plans to upgrade the classrooms in the main block in 2019 are underway, which will continue our programme of improvements to our school facilities.

Nic Walker will assume the role of Acting Principal for Term 4; a role that he has previously fulfilled at Appleby School. This will ensure a smooth transition into term 4, for the students, teachers and wider community.

The Board ask you to join us in thanking Graham for his substantial contribution to our school, as well as wishing Graham and his family all the best for their future.

- The Board of Trustees

Please see below some FAQs that outline the proposed structure for Term 4. If you have any further queries please feel free to contact one of the Trustees below.

Gary Reilly, gary.reilly@onfarmagri.com
Antony Cliffe, Antony.Cliffe@rabobank.com
Chris Jack, kcjack4@gmail.com
Meg Matthews, meg@matthewsfamily.co.nz


Who will replace Graham Avery as Principal for term 4, 2018?
Nic Walker, Deputy Principal and Teacher of Maungatapu, will assume the role of Acting Principal for term 4. This is a position that Nic has previously fulfilled during his time at Appleby School. 

Will Nic continue to teach Maungatapu for term 4?
No. Nic will need to hand over his year 5 & 6 students in Maungatapu for term 4. 
Fiona Walker will take on the full-time position of teaching Maungatapu. Fiona  is already very familiar to the students as she has been teaching them a day each week for most of the year. 

Who will be the Deputy Principal for term 4?
Gemma Bublitz, Teacher of Whakatu, will take on the role of Acting Deputy Principal. This is a position that Gemma has performed prior to joining Appleby. 

What is the recruitment process and timeline for appointing a new Principal?
The Board will contract an external facilitator with expertise in appointing school leaders to assist in the search for our new Principal.  The school community and the students will be asked to contribute to the person specification as part of the appointment process. The process will be to advertise within the New Zealand Gazette, which is an online forum for Teachers around New Zealand.  A long-list of applicants will be reviewed to a short-list of candidates who will all be interviewed by the full Board and the external facilitator. 
We hope to be in a position to announce a new Principal by early November with a start date of 30 January 2019. 

Who will be the Board of Trustee Teacher Rep for term 4?
The Board will seek expressions of interest for this additional duty from the staff over the coming weeks.