Waimea CoL update
The Waimea Community of Learning has appointed principals Dave Samson (Ranzau) and Graham Avery (Appleby) to a leadership team, along with Justine McDonald (Waimea Intermediate) and a secondary school representative (to be confirmed). 
All Boards have signed the Memorandum of Agreement and we are on the way to developing achievement challenges to be sent to the Minister of Education for final approval. 
A Student Achievement Team has been formed with Gerald Baldwin (Brightwater), Freya Hogarth (Hope), Damian Campbell (Waimea College) and the Co-Leaders. 
This team is looking at the student achievement data for the 12 schools as a first step in identifying common goals and targets. They intend to have their achievement challenge plan approved by the MOE in July-August and will then begin appointing across- school expert teachers (5 places) and in-school expert teachers (29 places). 
Our CoL leaders, John Armstrong and Peter Verstappen attended a recent forum at Lake Rotoiti with leaders from other Communities of Learning in the Nelson, Marlborough and West Coast regions. This allowed us to share ideas, share some of the challenges and to hear what works and what doesn’t. 
It was apparent that the Waimea Kahui Ako has made significant progress in a short space of time. 

Financial update
Our 2016 Annual Financial Report was approved by the Board and will be sent into the MOE before the 31st May. The accounts were audited by John Hooper. We had an operational deficit of $26,730 in 2016. This compares to a $47,775 operating surplus the previous year. 
The board the principal and everyone involved with the school should be commended for their efforts. The deficit is not of concern as it simply put to good use the profits generated in the previous year. The school remains in a reasonable financial position with year-end working capital of $50,580. (John Hooper Auditor) 
Overall the standard of financial reporting and financial management were assessed as of a high standard.

A copy of the 2016 Audited Financial accounts is available from the school office. 

Policy & audit reviews
Each term several school policies are reviewed as part of our Annual Plan. They are amended where necessary and ratified accordingly. Recently document & self review and employer responsibility were discussed, amended and ratified: 
The following audit reports were also reviewed and signed off: Health Education, Abuse Reporting & Recognition, Emergency Evacuation, Emergency Kit, SUE Reports. 

Below is a summary of discussions and outcomes from the latest Board of Trustees meeting. Please contact any of the current Board members at any time should you wish to discuss anything further. 

Bus Policy
After a largely trouble free period over the past five years, in recent months we have had a series of breakdowns, effecting the efficient running of the school bus service. 
In February, at our request, Nelson Coachlines changed the bus that services our run. We had hoped that this would sort things but it too had a breakdown in April. 
We have checked in with School Support which is the company contracted to oversee all Ministry of Education bus runs in the Nelson area. They have received reports on all of the breakdowns and they, as we do, believe we have experienced a bad run as opposed to any systemic bus problems or poor maintenance procedures. 

At the time of writing this Buzz we have had no issues for a couple of months. 

It is important to stress that Grant, the bus driver has always acted correctly and followed good safety procedures when faced with these breakdowns. He has assessed the situation and made a quick decision on wether the children stay on the bus or are offloaded. He has then called into the depot and got support and an alternate bus out. 
Here at school we have also reviewed our practices around bus safety and exactly what happens when there is a breakdown. 
You can see these on our policy website. Password- applebydocs. 

Property Matters
The school is in the planning stages of two property jobs that will be funded through the Ministry of Education’s 5yr Property Plan. 
The veranda outside the senior classrooms is to have the roof extended right to the hall end and the carpet replaced. This will allow the students to make better use of the area as a break out learning space. 
In the main block the ceilings of the four classrooms will have insulation and acoustic tiles installed and the lighting will be bought up to code. This job will possibly involve an upgrade to the existing alarm system as well. 
Both of these jobs are being specified at present and will be sent out to tender with the works likely to be carried out in the October 2017 or January 2018 holidays. 

Board recruitment
In the next few years some of our Board members will be stepping down as their youngest children finish year 6 and leave the school. 
Therefore the Board will be looking to co-opt new trustees in the near future. 
If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the board roles, we invite you to attend a board meeting as a guest and observe the board in action. 

Speak to principal Graham Avery if you’d like to be a part of this process. 

Month End Financials
Income and expenditure for the 2017 year to 30th May was reviewed. Finances were deemed to be tracking to budgeted expectations. 
The long-term property provision is in line with expectations allowing for some BOT capital works funding later in the year. 

The next board meeting will be held on 14th August.