Ngati Kuia ceremony

On 30th June this year the Appleby School held a dawn ceremony to celebrate the return of our school land to local iwi Ngati Kuia.
This was the culmination of many months of planning and the Board reflected on this event at its recent meeting. Trustees were extremely pleased to see so many of the school community support the event and to further cement the school’s relationship with Ngati Kuia.
The day went off without a hitch and we are sure the children’s tikanga and te reo Maori is richer because of it. The board thanks all the parents and community members who lent a helping hand prior to and on the day.
The Board of Trustees is now working on a display board to sit behind the pakohe which will detail the history of the school site, both in terms of Maori history, colonial settlement and the establishment of the school.

Board Roles

The roles of trustees were discussed at this meeting with areas of focus apportioned to particular people. These include Gary Reilly and Chris Jack on capital works projects, Meg Matthews as HR and grants officer, AntCliffeonfinancials and Rachel Knowles focusing on iwi, community and media liaison. Both Rachel and Meg will share the FOAS rep role.

Student Achievement

At this point in the year the board looks over the half year student achievement results. The school has goals in each subject for the amount of children it hopes to at or above national standards by year end. It was apparent from the data that the school is climbing closer to achieving these goals.
Schools set targets based on the beginning of year achievement profile of students. Our baseline levels are quite high and this starting point is reflected in our targets of over 50% above and less than 10% below across Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Of particular note was the high number of Appleby boys and girls already at or above national standards in mathematics.
Girls are performing well in all subjects as are Maori students.
Staff have identified areas to work on, however, which include boys with their reading and writing. As a result teachers have undergone professional development and sourced external resources to aid them as they strive to help our boys achieve excellence in their literacy.

Growth Values

School students were quizzed about their understanding of the schools’s GROWTH values. Get Involved, Respect, Organise Yourself, Work Hard, Think, Have Resilience.
The school trustees and staff see these as competencies that will aid the children as they go forth in their schooling and in life but it is important the children understand their significance and how they relate to their own circumstances.
GROWTH strengths and work ons are reported at an individual student level through our portfolios and student led conferences. Looking through a broader lense across the school, getting involved and organising yourself were most identified as strengths whilst working hard was most commonly identified as a work on.

Capital Works Projects

At the moment the board is looking to complete a few projects. These include the shower room in the Old School House and replacement of warped boards on the Shed deck.
Grants are being sought too help fund the display board for the front of the school, and prices are being sought on upgrading the school’s alarm system.


The school’s finances were examined, with expected and unexpected fluctuations tracked.
The school remains on target with predictions.