Nau mau, harae mai, welcome to the 2016 school year, especially to the new Appleby School families.

After an expected starting roll of 112, the school actually began the year with 121 students in the classroom so there are plenty of new faces about the playground and carpark. Please join the Board in welcoming these parents and children to the school.
Our 1st March roll return confirmed this number to the Ministry of Education, and the Board expects our level of staff funding to rise accordingly. This extra funding will contribute to our sixth teacher scenario and reduce the Board contribution considerably.

This is a summary of discussions and outcomes from the latest Board of Trustees meeting. Please contact any of the current board members at any time should you wish to discuss anything further.

CHARTER REVISION: One job required of the Board early in the year is the modification of the school charter and annual plan, to accurately depict the school’s plans for the upcoming year.
Trustees examined this 23- page document at its February meeting, adjusted details where
required and added our teaching and governance aspirations for the next 12 months. References inserted included a focus on Future Focused Learning and this year’s unit on Te Reo and Tikangi Maori which will tie in with a ceremony with Ngati Kuia who own the school land.
The Charter was forwarded to the Ministry on 1st March for approval.

FINANCIALS: At its February meeting, the Board examined its financials for the past 12 months and is pleased to announce a small surplus for year end was met. The school remains in a sound financial position going into 2016.
With planned fundraising contributions expected as per previous years, the Board is in a position to supply funding for the same programmes, initiatives and materials for the children’s learning as in previous years, offer the six classroom scenario and provide further physical improvements to the school grounds while remaining in surplus. Grant applications will again be submitted in the hope that more funds can be raised for specific projects.

PROJECTS UPDATE: Many capital works projects were completed at the end of 2015, including our new artificial court area, battened fencing, newly planted entrance, toilet block upgrade and major pool renovation. During the holiday break the classrooms were painted with bright naming panels and new carpets were laid in the main classroom block. You would have noticed the school’s entrance sign has been completed this week and the classroom names added just prior.
The Board will continue to fund some minor elements of the landscape plan in this coming year, including seating, signage and planting.
Grant applications will be sought for some of the major components of the plan such as the playground upgrades. The Board considers these long term projects due to the expected cost but would like to get fundraising underway as soon as possible.
Also, prices are being sought for the reworking of the carpark. While this is not a glamorous project, it has been bumped up the priority list because it is apparent that, with our growing roll, we do not have sufficient carparking spaces at busy times such as end of day pick up and special events. 

HEALTH & SAFETY REVIEW: After our exemplary ERO review in 2014, the appraisal authority has requested that Appleby School be involved in a nationwide health and safety review. This will involve assessors coming into the school next month and observing the ways in which we encourage a healthy and safe lifestyle to our children.

WEBSITE: Check out Appleby School’s new website, which is going live any day now.
This interactive site will ensure the school community is always up to date with events and news. In the future the school newsletter will be generated from here, and there’ll be a community forum for you to make contact with other parents.

BOARD ELECTIONS: In June this year the three yearly Board elections will be held. Most schools around the country hold their elections at this time. There are five parent representatives to be elected, providing an opportunity to give something back to your school and make a difference in the lives of the children and families of the school.
If this is something you would be interested in pursuing, please contact Board chair Gary Reilly on

The next Board of Trustees meeting will be Tuesday 12th April at Appleby School.