Community support
One thing Appleby School prides itself on is its close relationship with the community. We surpass many schools in the community support stakes!
And recent events at the school showcase this bond. Both the annual fair and the weekend’s working bee are indications of the can-do attitude of our school children and their whanau.
The Board would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who put time and effort into these events. Special thanks goes to the senior students for their lemonade stand at the fair and the teachers who allowed themselves to be auctioned off!
The results off all this hard work are just more funds for learning resources but a safer and more attractive environment for the tamariki’s enjoyment.

Staffing in 2017
The Board of Trustees is pleased to announce it will continue with the sixth teacher scenario in 2017. Sensible financial strategies and roll projections support this plan.
As a result we will have a 1:20 school wide teacher student ratio at year’s start.
Gemma Bublitz, currently teaching in Whakatu, has accepted the extension of her fixed term contract for another 12 months to fulfill this role.
Jodie Brown, who is currently on maternity leave will return in 2017 as a .2 teacher, providing relief cover for full time staff.
Alison Hart will continue covering Jodie’s maternity leave in 2017.

Community of Learning
In past communications we have outlined the prospect of Appleby School being
involved in a CoL (Community Of Learning).
This involves several schools within a geographical area creating a community to better aid the transition of students through their entire education. Recently the Minister of Education Hekia Parata confirmed the establishment of the Waimeha COL.
This CoL includes all schools from Wakefield through to Waimea College and out to us at Appleby School. No change will be seen in the near future. But as the CoL establishes itself, streamlining of services will occur.
The Board is excited by the establishment of the CoL and sees potential for academic and well-being improvements for students and their families.

Bulk Funding Plans
The Ministry of Education is currently looking at its options in regards to how schools are funding. This could include the elimination of decile ratings and introduction of either bulk funding or a per student payment.
We encourage you to investigate the options and be fully informed about what these could mean for your child’s schooling.
For more information see

Health & Safety
Monthly heath and safety checks of the school grounds and systems are conducted every month by the principal and a board member.
In the past month remedial works have been noted and rectified, but no serious health or safety issues are apparent.

Policy Updates
Each term several school policies are reviewed as part of our Annual Plan. They are amended where necessary and ratified accordingly. Recently crisis management was discussed, amended and ratified: Coming up we will be reviewing sun protection and education outside the classroom.
These policies are available to view at any time on School Docs via the school website. We strongly encourage parents to view and provide feedback on these policies which are vital to the running of the school. Be assured, your comments remain confidential.

Leadership award
You may all remember Ngati Kuia kaumatua Frank Wells who carved the pakohe for our dawn ceremony last month. Well, he was so impressed by the school and the school children, he offered to carve a trophy that he would like given out to proven leaders amongst our tamariki.
The Board was thrilled to accept his offer and sees this as another strength to the School’s relationship with Ngati Kuia. This trophy is being carved currently in the shape of a tiki on a kauri base.
It will be awarded each term to a child who has demonstrated leadership and GROWTH values. Children can nominate recipients and staff will make the final decision.
The leadership trophy will be awarded for the first time this term.

New parent info
The Ministry of Education has put out a booklet educating new parents about how the education system works in New Zealand.
This covers relevant information such as understanding National Standards, the role of Boards & interpreting school reports.
If you’d like to view it, the booklet is held at the office.

The Board examined financial for the past few years at its recent meeting.
This was to ensure it had the capacity to fund the sixth teacher scenario in 2017 if required.
The figures showed the Board is ahead of it’s bottom line target, with more than satisfactory reserves which are required to be held for future maintenance.
Income and expenditure for the year was as expected and in line with budget forecasts.

The next Board of Trustees meeting will be Tuesday 6th December at Appleby School.